German Project Solutions

German Project Solutions

Project Management Simulation ProjectLife

Target group

Our project simulation ProjectLife is addressed to all employees and executives who require intensive, interactive and haptic project management training within a short period of time. ProjectLife is often deployed to transfer knowledge and to exercise team building within trainee programs.


At the end of the seminar, participants will be able:

  • to initiate and plan a project in their work environment.

  • to monitor and control a project.

  • to close a project.

  • to implement the phases of team development.

  • to provide reinforcing and constructive feedback to team members.

  • to assess the impact of cultural orientations on an international project team.





Virtual Kickoff

Introduction and Preparation

Day 1

Project Initiation and Team Development

Day 2 & 3

Project Planning

Day 4

Project Execution – Monitor & Control

Day 5

Project Closing and Lessons Learned



ProjectLife is an interactive simulation of all phases of a project. The main deliverables are:

  • Business Case

  • Project Plan (in the form of project cockpits)

  • Three Change requests

  • Three Status reports

  • One Lessons Learned report

  • A Club model, which complies with the requirements

  • A marketing video

  • A marketing poster

  • An organization chart

  • Skill profiles and job advertisements

The simulation is based on a case study and shows the complete lifecycle of a project, from the idea phase until its completion. The participants will be divided into teams to carry-out a complete project with its key challenges. They will initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control and close it. All important activities within project management will be practiced. The participants will receive feedback on the quality of their project planning and estimates. Next to the technical skills, they will also acquire all interpersonal elements of project management, like conflict management, team building and leadership.

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